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Ever since I was a kid I loved the water!  I spent my summers at the local swimming pool, taking lessons, swimming, and playing in the water.  Never happier than when I was able to go into the “deep end.” One summer I spent so much time at the pool that my hair turned such bright green from the chlorine that I literally stopped traffic!  It was the ’50s! Green hair was an oddity back then…Today? Not so much.  To this day, the water is my “happy place!”

waters to swim in 2


Where is your happy place?  Is it someplace that you can go to physically?  Or is it a place in your imagination?  Maybe it is a place you visited once that brings to mind such enjoyment or peace, that you can draw up the memory and bask in it for a while to relieve the stress of your current situation.  Have you ever taken a mental vacation by “going to your happy place?”

Our hearts were designed for joy! And God has a “real” happy place for you!  I hope you love the water as much as I do, because His Happy Place has to do with a RIVER!  And it flows from His throne!  Our scripture comes from Ezekiel 47: 1-6

Ezekiel was shown a heavenly sight.  He saw the heavenly temple, with water “trickling” from beneath the door.  As he followed the streamlet it grew to waters that were ankle deep; further along there was water to the knees; then water to the loins; and finally, in verse 6, waters to swim in.

One way to look at these verses is to see the growth of Christ’s church on earth from the day of Pentecost to the present day global church.  Many theologians hold to this interpretation as a prophetic sign given to Ezekial. And they are right!  But, like so often in the Word of God, there are many layers of meaning.

Water is often used in reference to the Word of God.  I think of how it was just a streamlet to me when I first started reading it.  As I grew and learned, I was able to read and understand more.  It was “up to my knees!”  The more we are transformed by the Word, the deeper we can go, until we are “all in!”  Let the Water of the Word sweep you along. Immerse yourself in its depths. Let it be your Happy Place!

Let’s pray: Heavenly Father, River of Life, how we long to be swept away by Your Spirit as we dive into Your Word.  Speak to our hearts as we study and read.  Wash us; renew us; lead us; change us as we go deeper and deeper into You. In Jesus’ name.


Dive in with Steven Curtis Chapman…pay attention to these words!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Your Happy Place

  1. Love this… what beautiful imagery! I have a Pinterest board called “Peaceful Places” where I pin pictures of gorgeous spots with hammocks or deck chairs or benches where I’d love to sit with a cup of coffee (or tea) and a good book, maybe THE Book. Happy places. But no matter what our surroundings, if we’re trusting in His Word, His Spirit fills us with rivers of life and joy everlasting!

  2. Christin,
    Thank you for reminding me of this song about diving into the river! I have been boldly taking the plunge and I have more joy each day to share with others who are desiring to swim too!

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