Therefore With Joy…

Hey! Let’s pop some popcorn, and plop down on the couch and watch my favorite movie! Oh, yeah! “The Sound of Music!”   I’ve watched it countless times, and never tire of it. Julie Andrews twirling away in the opening scene…”The hills are alive….”  and, then, these descriptive lyrics:  “to laugh like a brook when it trips and falls over stones on its way.”  Ah, yes, a mountain stream. Fresh, cold water bubbling along in an Alpine meadow.  Sigh…

Alpine stream

The problem is, I can sing the song; watch the movie; look at pictures; but unless I actually go there, I can’t dip my tootsies into that stream or drink its refreshing water.  Maybe I should add that to my bucket list!

You know, I’ve been thinking lately that it is  much the same with Jesus.  You can sing the songs; listen to the story; make friends with others who love and serve Him; but unless you actually go to Him, you can’t actually get what He wants you to have!  Salvation; eternal life; transformation; peace that passes understanding; comfort; healing; joy…(oh my, the list goes on….)

Salvation isn’t in the church building. It isn’t in the song service or even in the sermon.  It isn’t in the best Christian books or blogs. 😉  These are all good things that can point you to salvation.  But salvation is in Christ Jesus alone!  You must go to Him face to face, one on one, to receive all that He wants you to have! All that He provided for you on the Cross of Calvary.  You must partake of Him.  And you don’t have to book a flight to Switzerland to do it.

Just close your eyes, and call upon His name.  Ask Him for the Water of Life. Wait there with an open heart.  Wait.  If your mind wanders, find a verse…just a verse, not a chapter or a book… to focus your heart on Him.  We are waiting for a drink. We are waiting for His Presence.

Madame Jean Guyon wrote a book called “Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ.”  (You will find it on my Books & Resources page.) In her book she teaches her way of finding the Presence of God in quietness. I understand that she endured great personal persecution in her own home, and had to find a way to worship and fellowship with the Lord inwardly.  She discovered joy in tribulation.  A refuge in her storm.

We used to sing a song that had this phrase: “The highway to Your city runs through my heart.” The thing about this highway is that it is a direct route to heaven.  It is the “Highway of Holiness.”  (Isaiah 35:8)  There are springs of water there, and the enemy is not allowed there. Fellowship; safety; and peace. Right within the core of your being.  Draw on the Water of Life and drink deeply.

John 4:14 “but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

Draw with joy

          “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water from the wells of salvation.”   Isaiah 12: 3 

Let’s Pray:  Father in Heaven, Water of Everlasting Life, our souls are so thirsty for  you, Lord.  How we long for your holy Presence in our lives.  Teach us how to draw from the Wells of Salvation that we might be quenched, and overflow to all those around us.  In Jesus’ name,


Suggested further reading:  Isaiah 35




2 thoughts on “Therefore With Joy…

  1. Face to face…nothing else can take the place of that experience with God. I loved this Sister Shirley. As I was reading this I could hear you saying this message…it’s love for the Lord and that’s what I want is love for Him and His love for me to give to others. Amen!

  2. Yes, Mitch, it is all about a personal encounter with Jesus. With all that is going on today, it is easy to forget to draw with joy! Like in the old days when you could hardly contain your gladness!! Gotta remember to get my “joy bucket” out each day!

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