For Thine Is The Kingdom!

Pray!  Can you hear the call?  If you can’t, perhaps you should come out from under that rock!  There is a clarion call to the people of God,…”It is time to pray!”  Right now everyone is talking about the current box office hit, “The War Room.”  I haven’t seen it yet, but I think I have been getting the same message in my own prayer room.  I was recently moved to buy a magnetic white board to put up in my office for prayer reminders.  What a boon it has been to my prayer life!  Then I saw an ad for the movie in which the praying grandma posted her prayer requests on the wall in her “War Room.”  So I guess I am hearing what others have heard.  “It’s time to get serious about prayer!”

kneeling in prayer

People so often ask me to pray for them or for their loved ones, or for a desperate situation, and I always promise to lift them up or intercede with every intention of doing so, but sometimes…….well, I forget, or get sidetracked…ever happen to you?

My prayer board has really helped me to remember all those I have promised to pray for, and those things I have felt directed to pray for by the Holy Spirit.  But, I would like to share the most revolutionary prayer help I have discovered recently….uh, what do you know…it is the model that Jesus Himself left for us….The Lord’s Prayer!

I have been using the Lord’s Prayer as a road map to pray for each one on my board, and I feel that my prayers are effective and according to Biblical standards.  Here is what I mean as I have been praying for a particular unsaved loved one:

Our Father, who art in Heaven (We are both your children & I love her, but never as much as You love her. You are her Abba Father Who rules & reigns in all things from your throne in heaven, so You are well able to rule in her life!) Hallowed be Thy name, (You are the Holy One, Whose name is Higher than any other, on whom I call for my dear one. May her heart awaken to Who You are for Your name’s sake!)   Thy Kingdom Come (Let Your Kingdom be established in her life, invade her world and her consciousness…draw her and save her!) Thy Will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. (May her heart come under your merciful rule.  May her name be written in heaven’s book of life.  I lift her up before your throne and ask that you remember her and draw her to Yourself. That her heart will be established in Your Kingdom as she walks upon this earth! I know it is Your will that she should not perish!) Give us this day our daily bread. (Father,  may she begin to have a supernatural hunger for the Bread of Life and not be satisfied with lesser, earthy sustenance. Provide all that she needs to be saved. And put it in her way!) And forgive us our debts, (lead her to repentance, Lord, and let her find Your abundant forgiveness. Forgive her, Father, by Your mercy and grace.) as we forgive our debtors (break the chains of unforgiveness and woundedness that keep her bound in bitterness and darkness)  Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (Stay the hand of her most powerful enemy! Keep her in the evil day! Save her for Yourself and for Your Kingdom. Rebuke the evil one who stalks her, in Jesus’ name!) For THINE is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever!   (Save her for Your Kingdom, save her by Your mighty power, save her for Your glory! That she may dwell in the house of the Living God forevermore!)   AMEN!

praying hands

And now I feel I have prayed an effective prayer for my dear one.  I have prayed according to the Word and will of God, and I am looking for the answer!  Oh, I will keep praying, for I am desperate to see her become the child of God He wants her to be. Praying this way inspires my faith.

I haven’t found a need yet that I cannot apply the Lord’s model. Healing, revival, provision, wisdom, guidance.  It is all covered when you pray for the Kingdom to come upon this earth, as it is in heaven!  God wants heaven on earth! That is why He made a way to live in His people.  May our earthly lives be established in the heavenly power given by the Spirit of the Living God who dwells in our hearts.

Oh, for eyes to see and ears to hear!

Let’s pray: Father in Heaven, may we become the prayer warriors needed in this hour and this age. You gave us your model. Help us to use it well as we stand for Your Kingdom and against the enemy. May we see multitudes released from bondage and brought into Your Kingdom…yes, for Your Kingdom, and Your power and Your glory, forever, In Jesus’ name,








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