The Backside of the Desert.

I’ve been spending time in Exodus and thinking about Moses. Here was a man that was miraculously saved from the wrath of Pharaoh, then raised right in Pharaoh’s own household. Raised as a Prince of Egypt, with all of the wealth and privilege that came with being raised in the King’s house. When he ws forty years old all of that changed! He found himself running for his life because he had killed an Egyptian.
The next chapter in his life finds him raising sheep in the wilderness. Now that’s quite a change, isn’t it?  From the palace to a desert tent!  From princely pursuits to sheep shearing!  Moses spent the next 40 years in that desert.

desert mountains

We can only imagine what he thought about the turn his life had taken. Was he content? Was he disappointed? Discouraged? Disillusioned?  Well, his life was about to take another drastic turn.  One day he saw a strange sight! One of those desert bushes was on fire…but, it wasn’t being burned up!  And that was the beginning of the most amazing adventure with God in the Old Testament.  Moses encountered God in the wilderness!  God spoke to him and told him his name.  “I AM!”

I think we all have backside of the desert experiences. Times in our lives when things don’t seem to have turned out the way we expected.  Changes; loss; tragedies; or just boredom! We feel dry; barren; thirsty; lost.  Doubts and fears assail us.  What we need is an encounter with God.  The wilderness is designed for it!  It is there that our neediness is laid bare.  It is there that we ae at our weakest. It is in the wilderness that we are being prepared for an encounter with God.

Burning-Bush 2

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is in the Song of Solomon 8:5 “Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness leaning upon her beloved?”

The wilderness is where she found her Beloved. The wilderness is where you can find your Beloved.   No matter how lonely, tired, discouraged, grieving your heart is,  Jesus is there with you. Remind yourself that He is a Man of Sorrows. He is acquainted with grief. He understands loss. He understands temptation. He gave His life for our sins and weaknesses, and wants us to live in His joy and victory.

The “I AM” is with you in this wilderness of yours.  So embrace this season of your life, and ask Him to reveal Himself.  He will!  He has written the next chapter of your life.  Think of the significance of that!  So, lean upon your Beloved, and let Him lead you out!

Let’s pray:  Great I AM, and Everlasting Father, your Word says that in our weakness Your strngth is made perfect.  We are great candidates for that!  We admit that we are weak. We don’t know the way out of our desert places, so we need You to lead us; carry us, out of our dry and thirsty lands.  We search for you.  In Jesus’ name,


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