One Thing is Needful

Jesus said, “One thing is needful…” One thing, Lord?  Only one?  But, I have a LOT of things that I “need” to do, to get, to take care of ….I think we’d better take a closer look at that!  So let’s look at Luke 10: 38 – 42   (There ya’ go! I put in a link so you can go right now & read it for yourself.)  Verse 40 describes me, uh, I mean Martha…”cumbered about much serving.” She wants Jesus to tell her sister Mary, who is sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to Him teach, to get upOne thing is needful! and help her! After all there were so many guests in the house, friends and followers of Jesus, who needed to be served! I’ll bet she was surprised when Jesus rebuked her!  “Martha, Martha you are anxious and troubled about many things: but one thing is needful: and Mary has chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her. ”    “One thing is needful…”  and Mary knew what it was. Sitting at Jesus’ feet, receiving His word!

So, I have only one resolution for this new year, because only one thing is needful: to sit at His feet and receive His word.

I asked the Lord if He would give me a word to encourage me in this pursuit, and He did:    Devotion

I am asking Him to bring to me a real understanding of what being devoted to Him means.   Webster says: to give one’s complete attention, or to apply one’s time zealously to some activity, pursuit, or cause; to dedicate; to consecrate.

In the book of Leviticus if something was devoted  it was set aside for sacred use, and could not be bought or sold.  (Lev. 27) It was dedicated to the use of the priesthood/ministry. Set aside; consecrated; zealous!  The better part! That is what I want. How about you? Let’s find the “one thing” that is needful this year. Let us choose the better part, along with Mary. Devoted to Him.

Let’s Pray:  Father, teach us the lesson of the “one thing” that is needful in Your eyes.  Sitting at Your feet, receiving Your Word!  In Jesus’ Name,



5 thoughts on “One Thing is Needful

  1. Shirley, yes! This story about Jesus, Martha, and Mary is also very apropos to my word grateful. Poor Martha! I sometimes think that she gets a *bad rap* – she was just trying to be a good hostess. But, I think Jesus saw a tendency, a more deeply ingrained flaw in her that would hinder her walk with Him. He didn’t want life cares and concerns to interfere with her focus on Him.

    Your word *devotion* is a mighty one. It implies so much more to me than just following. I think that God wants to reveal to you what single-minded pursuit looks like in the middle of the many challenges of living in this broken world.

    I think He’s going to do the same in my heart.


    • Thanks so much, Sharon. I am looking forward with excitement to see where we are going this year. Sitting at His feet and working with Him! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! This was my first visit to Live Free Thursday. I am so blessed to have found this wonderful network of writers. Blessings to you!

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