“Where Are You?”

Picture it with me: A beautiful garden; birdsong; warm breezes; trees laden with fruit; streams of fresh cool water.        And a walk with the Lord of All Creation in the cool of each day!

Garden of Trees



Stream in the Garden


And what else? What is that hissing sound? “Psssssst! Over here! This tree; this fruit.” And the bite that changed it all.

snake in the grass

Disobedience.    Fear.   Shame.
The Creator coming to fellowship with His creature, and the ancient question, “Where are you?”  Where, indeed?

Hiding in fear and shame. Hiding . From the Presence of the Lord God, who wanted to walk and commune with them in the cool of the day. Hurrying to fashion fig leaves as a covering to hide the thing that they had done, the thing that revealed their true, fallen selves.  As though they could hide anything from the loving Father who knows all things.  He asked the question, not because He didn’t know where they were, but because He wanted them to see where they were.  To consider the gravity of what they had done.  Why they were hiding from Him.

If you listen, God is still asking His creature the ancient question to this day. “Where are you?”  Where, indeed?
It is the question we must always consider because we are creatures living in a fallen and cursed world, easily led down the wide and deceptive road to destruction. Navigating slippery slopes and sorrowful swamp lands. With an enemy who would entice us away from the Presence of the Lord God.

It seems to me that  “big bite,” instead of making them wise, made them very, very foolish. I mean, look at them, who had never known fear or shame before, trembling in fear of being found out by their Father.

We shake our heads at Adam and Eve and say, “What were you thinking?” First they trusted the serpant; and now they were trying to hide from an all-knowing God.  Silly people.  “I would never have been so foolish!”

Really?  Let’s ask ourselves the ancient question.  “Where am I?”  Am I hiding? Is there something I foolishly think I am hiding from Lord God?  (I am using the term Lord God, because in the original language it means Adonai Jehovah – Master/Lord, and I Am, Ever-present One. Can your really hide from HIM?)  Do we fashion excuses like fig leaves, to cover the places that we have yet to yield to the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit?  Do we pluck the leaves from the tree of rationalization to cover the things we are ashamed of?  Are we sewing intricate aprons of self-deception? He wants to fellowship with us! Are we hiding from His Presence?  “Where are you?”

Listen! As He did for Adam and Eve, Lord God has provided a Lamb. Yes, God Himself gave them clothes of animal skins.  Blood was shed to cover their shame.  And the precious blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, was shed to cloth us in robes of righteousness.

And these beautiful garments are so much better.  They don’t just cover, like our fig leaf duds. They replace sin and the shame. Jesus took our sins!  We are washed clean and clothed from on high!

So, come out of hiding!  Answer the ancient question, “Where are you?” with “Here am I, Lord God!” Lay your every fear and shame before Him and He will cleanse you from every bit of it. Be clothed with the Righteousness of Jesus Christ, and walk in fellowship with Him.  Live in the Presence of the Lord!

Let’s pray:  Dear Lord God, You who sees it all and loves us still, help us to make you truly Lord/Master of our lives. We open our deepest hearts to You to.  We give it all to You, to wash as white as snow.  What an amazing love You have poured out on us.  Make us truly, completely Yours.  In Jesus name,



4 thoughts on ““Where Are You?”

  1. Wow! What a word! “With an enemy who would entice us away from the Presence of the Lord God” is the theme that seems to entail the whole message here. Satan-sin-sinning separates us from God and His presence and this just really speaks. I have to evaluate myself before looking at others when I read something like this. PTL!

    • Keeping ourselves near Jesus is the only way tokeep off the slippery slope. I am so thankful that He is near, and wants ME near to Him!

  2. So true. I ‘m sure I have made lots of coverings to hide behind. I pray I can say the words…”Here I am Lord. send me”

    • I know, right? We hide stuff He already knows about, and it keeps us from Him. We are as bad as Adam and Eve. Thank God for His patience & love.

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