On Earth as in Heaven

Have you heard the call?  I am talking about the call to prayer!  I am hearing it like never before! God is looking for someone to “stand in the gap” for His lost sheep. To cry out for revival. To pray for His Bride. That she (the Church) would be found “without spot or wrinkle.”

kneeling in prayer

Though I have shared a little about this before, I would like to share the most revolutionary prayer help I have discovered.   It is the model that Jesus Himself left for us….The Lord’s Prayer!

I have been using the Lord’s Prayer as a road map to pray the needs that come my way, and I feel that my prayers are becoming more effective and according to Biblical standards.  Here is what I mean as I have been praying for a particular desperate need of someone for whom I have been asked to pray:

Our Father, who art in Heaven (We are both your children and I know that You  love her. You are her Abba Father Who rules & reigns in all things from your throne in heaven, so You are well able to rule in her life!) Hallowed be Thy name, (You are the Holy One, Whose name is Higher than any other, on whom I call for this dear one and her family. May their hearts be ever aware of Your Holy Presence and of  who You are, for Your name’s sake!)   Thy Kingdom Come (Let Your Kingdom be established in her body itself!  Invade her world, her consciousness, and her hospital room…draw her near and heal her!) Thy Will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. (I know that this disease and condition do not exist in heaven, so I  pray that it would be so in her own earth-life! Raise her up from the bed of affliction, to know heaven-sent health.)  This phrase is especially good for praying for healing. Is there sickness in heaven?  No! So let health come just like it is in heaven! This is the will of God!  Give us this day our daily bread. (Father,  may she begin to have a supernatural hunger for the Bread of Life!  Feed her, Jesus, with your own love for her. And may she begin to eat food without the aid of feeding tubes. To chew and swallow on her own.) And forgive us our debts, (Wash her and all of her caregivers in the precious Blood of the Lamb, Lord, and let them find Your abundant forgiveness. Mercy and grace be upon them all.) as we forgive our debtors (break any chains of unforgiveness and woundedness that might keep her bound.)  Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (Stay the hand of her most powerful enemy! Keep her in the evil day! Rebuke the evil one who stalks her, in Jesus’ name!) For THINE is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever!   (Heal her for Your Kingdom; heal her by Your mighty power; heal her for Your glory! That she may dwell in the house of the Living God forevermore and testify of Your abundant goodness!)   AMEN!

praying hands

And now I feel I have prayed an effective prayer for this precious hurting sister.  I have prayed according to the Word and will of God, and I am looking for the answer!  Oh, I will keep praying, for the Holy Spirit has laid a share of this family’s burden upon my heart.

I haven’t found a need yet that I cannot apply the Lord’s model. Healing, salvation, revival, provision, wisdom, guidance.  It is all covered when you pray for the Kingdom to come upon this earth, as it is in heaven!  God wants heaven on earth! That is why He made a way to live in His people. That is also why He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts, so that once we have prayed with our understnding, we will also be able to pray “in the Spirit,” interceding with “groanings that cannot be uttered.”  (Romans 8:26 KJV) in an even deeper dimension of prayer. May our earthly lives be established in the heavenly power given by the Spirit of the Living God who dwells in our hearts!

Let’s Pray:  Father, remind us each day how You would have us to pray.  Stir us up by the Holy Spirit to pray as You would lead. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on this earth, just as it is in heaven. In jesus’ name, 


Here is a beautiful song of prayer and worship.  Christa Wells and Nicole Witt.  Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “On Earth as in Heaven

  1. Excellent! To me this sums it up: “I have prayed according to the Word and will of God, and I am looking for the answer!”

    What better and more effective way is there than following the exhortation of the Lord Jesus when He says “when you pray..pray this..”.

    I remember when Larry Lea wrote his book “Could You Not Tarry One Hour?” teaching to pray the Lord’s prayer back in the late 80’s. The principle was there as it is here…praying as Jesus taught and that’s remarkable.

    Lastly, Sister Shirley said: “Have you heard the call? I am talking about the call to prayer!” Well I am going to have to say YES…on Saturday nights I am part of a Home Church Fellowship and Pastor Lennon Cabrera taught on…get this…”The Lord’s Prayer” and how to pray it today!!

    Yes Sister Shirley we’re hearing it….AMEN!!

    • Thanks, Mitch! Your comments ALWAYS bless me. I guess the Lord must be speaking this to YOU since you are hearing it from others, too! Everywhere I look I see prayer needs…need more hours in the day for the work….and it IS work. But, so gratifying! Let’s tear down those strongholds, brother Mitch!

  2. Sister Shirl, your Blog is Ike going to Church or a Sunday school lesson for me. I love your words and music, so meaningful for the time.

    • Bill, it is just the biggest blessing that you are dropping in and checking out the blog. I hope there is food for your soul here for you! Love you bunches, brother!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Barbara! Yes, it’s time to get down to business in prayer! And I just love this song, too.

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