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Where do you go? Is there someone you turn to when you have a need? Do you have a friend or relative that you rely on? Someone who is there with the answers you seek?  It is good to have a friend.  A special someone who will stick by you through thick & thin. Someone who understands you and knows how to pray for you.  A good friend is a gift from God.   I have a few friends like that.  I don’t know what I’d do without them!

hands of a friend

But…the best kind of friend will always point you to Jesus.  They will not try to be your answer.  They will take you by the hand and head straight for the Throne of Grace, the Mercy Seat.  They will cry out to Jesus on your behalf until you can cry out for yourself.

Jesus said, “Come unto me, …learn of me…”  (Matthew 11: 28-29 KJV)    and, “Come…drink of the water of Life freely.”  (Rev. 22:17)

Jesus is calling His people to come.  This is the day. This is the hour.  He wants to speak to YOU.  Are you near enough to hear the “still, small voice?”  He waits.  He is patient. But He is yearning for you and for me to come aside.

“Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth: there will I give thee my loves.”  Song of Solomon 7: 12

These are the yearnings of the Bridegroom for His Bride.  Yes!  To the Vineyard!  For he is the Vine and we are the branches.  Are we fruitful & flourishing?  You can’t find that out from a friend. You can only find that out from the Keeper of the Vineyard. The Lord Jesus, Himself!

If we look for our help or our sustaining from anyone or anything other than Jesus, we are not just making a mistake in judgement, but we are putting someone else or something else in the place He wants to occupy in our lives.

Look at Jeremiah 2:13.  He says that when we do that we are really commiting evil in His sight.

“For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”

Think about it. Have you dug a place,  a well or a cistern, that has replaced Jesus as a place to get your drink?  Is it music? Is it a ministry or fellowship?  Is it work? Is it an author?  Or perhaps it is a food or a drink.  I get that, believe me. I have fallen into thinking that if I listen to worship music, it counts towards my devotional time. Don’t get me wrong, as a former worship leader, I know how powerfully musical worship can usher you into the Presence of God. That is why I use music at the end of each post here.   But, I have been guilty of using the music as a substitute for really meeting with Jesus.

Draw with joy


As I seek the Lord concerning the particular word I believe He gave me this year… “Devotion”…I am learning that it means simply…devotion to HIM.  Not just to my Bible reading time, or my journaling, or church attendence.  But spending “face time” with Him, and drinking deeply of the “fountain of living waters.”  I don’t want to substitute these worthwhile activites for time in His Presence, for, as Jesus told Martha, “One thing is needful and Mary has chosen that good part.”  (Luke 10:42 KJV)  She was sitting at His feet!



Let’s Pray:   Heavenly Father, help us to hear Your voice as you call us to come away with You. May we arise immediately in obedience. May we have ears to hear and hearts of devotion. May our greatest joy be drawing from Your well the living waters that You yearn to pour into us.  In Jesus’ name,



6 thoughts on “Come to Jesus

  1. Wow! I’m titling this “Mitch Must Have Face Time With God”. There’s no replacing intimate times with God. I think I need to print this out and put it on my refrigerator. This really spoke to my heart.

    Thank you.

    • Mitchell, I think I am going to do the same thing! Why, oh, why do we think we can get along for an hour without Him? May He become our necessary food and as vital as oxygen!! Thank you for following! 🙂

  2. So thankful that Jesus draws us so we can run after him. Also I have been feeling the weight of his rod and staff. I am such a dumb sheep sometimes, So glad he loves me anyway!! Loved the blog!! It is always so encouraging!!

  3. Thanks, Kathy. So thankful that we “dumb sheep” know His voice and follow Him. And that there is no condemnation from the Shepherd of Love when we wander a little from the narrow path. And here we are, at our age, learning how to run when He calls. 🙂

  4. Loved your post today – – glorious words. And they were echoed in the two replies of Kathy and Mitch. What a time of ineffable sweetness results when the Lord gathers His people to Him. Such communion the world does not know. When we rest in the Lord, He joys over us with singing. As I read the post and the replies, Kathy Lawson’s song of the Lord from years ago was once again poured like fresh ointment over my soul: “Seek Me, seek Me, while I may be found; seek Me, seek Me early, early. Love Me with all of your heart. Worship, worship, worship your King.” Surely the Lord is writing this moment in His Book of Remembrance!

    • Susie, isn’t it amazing the fellowship we can have when we gather ’round His Word? My prayer today is that I will walk this one out every day. I am such a Martha, learning bit by bit to sit at His feet, like Mary. I am amazed that you remember all the words to those Spirit-songs from years ago. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing that.

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